If you have connection problems using the "short distance connection" between SongBooks then you can find here tips and solutions:

  • If you have iOS 10.0.x or iOS 10.1.x on one of the devices, please update it to iOS 10.2 or later!
  • Be aware that there may be wireless interferences in your environment that may disturb your connection. Some other devices on stage may disturb or even devices in your audience. WiFi is less delicate for wireless interferences and has a higher outreach then Bluetooth. Here you can find an interesting article by Apple about wireless interferences:
  • Please make sure that any of the devices has its own name in the general settings of iPad in "Info" -> "Name"
  • Please make sure that only one of the devices is configured as server and all other devices as clients
  • Execute on all the iPads in SongBook+ the function "..." --> "Special features" -> "Reset short distance connection". This will stop SongBook+. Please wait then a minute before starting the SongBook's again.
  • If that still doesn't help, thy to reset the network settings of the iPad's:
    Settings -> General -> Reset -> Network settings
  • If the iPads are connected to the same WiFi network, then the WiFi connection insteat of Bluetooth is used to connect. The outreach of WiFi is higher than the outreach of Bluetooth

As an alternative to the "short distance connection" you can also use a "Wireless MIDI" connection over WiFi or even a MIDI connection by cable to other SongBooks.

Instead of "Server/Client in short distance connection" you select in "SongBook to SongBook connection" the connection mode "MIDI" and additionally configure one of the SongBooks in MIDI settings as Wireless MIDI Server and all the others as Wireless MIDI Client.

Due to feedback from customers the Wireless MIDI connection seems to be the most reliable wireless connection for use on stage.
Here you can find more about "Wireless MIDI".

Another new alternative to the "short distance connection" is a connection over "Bluetooth LE MIDI" (only possible on iPad 3 or later).

Instead of "Server/Client in short distance connection" you select in "SongBook to SongBook connection" the connection mode "MIDI". Then activate in all but the "Master" iPad in "..." -> "Bluetooth LE MIDI" the Bluetooth LE MIDI server and then go to the "Master" iPad in "..." -> "Bluetooth LE MIDI" -> "Bluetooth MIDI LE devices". There all the other devices should appear and you can connect them by tapping on it.