SongBook+ can be downloaded for free since version 3.1, but it is then limited like the "lite" version to 15 songs.

On update or new installation SongBook+ checks if you already bought an earlier version of SongBook+ that was not free to download and then immediateley unlocks itself as full version.

For most of the customers this works fine during update but there are a few customers where this check doesn't work properly and the app appears only as base version after the update.

If you have the same problem please try the following:

  1. Check in the iPad settings in "iTunes & App Store", if you are logged-in there with the same Apple-User (Apple-ID) that you used back then to buy the app. If not, login there with the correct Apple-User.
  2. Open SongBook+ and press "..." in the toolbar and select "Restore in-app purchases".
  3. If you are asked for a password, enter your Apple-User password.
  4. Is the full version unlocked now? If not, try a re-installation as described below.

If the steps above didn't yet solve the problem, please try a re-installation of SongBook+:

  1. If you didn't yet backup your data as described in the User Manual in chapter "Backup and restore your data", please do it now. Best save all your files, not just the database files.
    (-->, page 45/46)
  2. Delete SongBook+ from iPad (ATTENTION: deleting SongBook+ also deletes all of your SongBook+ data. Therfore you must absoluteley backup the data before!)
    To delete an app from iPad, press for a while on the app icon until ist starts jittering and a button with "x" appears on it, then press this button and confirm the further inquiry. After that press the Home button to stop the jittering of the app icons.
  3. Download SongBook+ again using the "App Store" app from Apple (search for "SongBook +" in App Store app).
    (Attention, use the same Apple-User as you used back then when you bought the app!)
  4. Start SongBook+
  5. If it is not already unlocked as full version, press "..." in the toolbar and select "Restore in-app purchases".
  6. End SongBook+ again by "..." -> "Exit SongBook+"
  7. Copy back your backup data into SongBook+

Did that eventually help?