This article describes how to configure SongBook+ and the Roland BK-7m in order that the BK-7m automatically opens the corresponding performance when you open a song in SongBook+ and vice versa.

First configure the BK-7m with the following steps:

  • Press the button MENU and then select the following submenus:
    • Select MIDI
    • Select EDIT SYSTEM
    • Select BASIC
    • Set the parameter Rx to ON and the Rx-Channel to 1
  • Then save the changed MIDI settings

Then configure SongBook+ with the following steps:

  • Open the settings with the gear wheel button
  • Select MIDI
  • Set the value Channel to 1

The attached snipped of page 90 of the BK-7m user manual shows the MIDI commands needed to remote select a performance in BK-7m.

The attached PDF contains a table with these values for performance numbers 1-1000.

Now you have to set the "MIDI wheels" in the song details page in SongBook+ to the values for the corresponding performance and set the two switches "Auto open on MIDI command" and "Send MIDI command on open".

Alternativeley to set these wheels by hand you may also press the button "Learn a MIDI command now" and then select the performance on the BK-7m.