This article describes how to configure SongBook+ and the Roland FR-4x V-Accordion in order that the FR-4x automatically opens the corresponding SET or User Program when you open a song in SongBook+.

First configure the FR-4x with the following steps:

  • In the MIDI settings for "Real Time Rx-Tx" set Basic (Basic Channel) to value 1

Then configure SongBook+ with the following steps:

  • Open the settings with the gear wheel button
  • Select MIDI
  • Set the value Channel to 1
  • Activate "MIDI-OUT enabled"

Der following snippet out of the Reference Manual of the ROLAND FR-4x on page 83 shows the MIDI commands that need to sent to FR-4x to remote select a SET or a User Program.

Now you have to set the "MIDI wheels" in the song details page in SongBook+ to the values for the corresponding SET or User Program and activate the switch "Send MIDI command on open".

Selecting a SET:

To select a SET in FR-4x, the first two wheels must be set to 0 and the third wheel to the SET number minus 1.

E.g. for SET number 20 you should set the wheels to 0 / 0 / 19 (=SET 20-1).

Selecting a User Program:

To select a User Program in FR-4x, the first wheel must be set to 1, the second wheel to the bank number - 1 and the third wheel to the program number minus 1.

E.g. for Program 10 in Bank 5 you should set the wheels to 1 / 4 (=Bank 5-1) / 9 (=Program 5-1).

Using the wireless MIDI Adapter Yamaha UD-BT01:

The wireless MIDI Adapter Yamaha UD-BT01 can be used to connect the iPad without any cable with the FR-4x.

The UD-BT01 needs to be connected to a power supply like an USB AC Adaptor on the backside, but you may replace it with an USB battery (Power Bank).

You don't need to do a "Bluetooth pairing" before you can use it. Just press the button "..." in the toolbar of SongBook+, then select the option "Bluetooth LE MIDI", then "Bluetooth LE MIDI devices". The adapter should appear in that list and can be connectedby tapping on it.

The picture below is an original illustration from Yamaha for UD-BT01.

On your FR-4x accordion the port to connect the USB cable is labeled "USB Computer" instead of "USB to Host".

Thanks to Larry Roberts to help testing and improving this manual!

Follow-Up question:

"Is it is possible to also control at the same time an additional device like a BK-7m"?

Yes, see the picture below: