As the number of (free) support requests is increasing, I have barely time to work on new features and updates for SongBook+ and implement support for new operating system versions (iOS / iPadOS) and iPad models. In order to have more time to work on SongBook+ again, I have to be able to hire someone soon to relieve myself of the support. Therefore I can not deliver the bigger updates for life for free. Such a bigger update is if not just the last digit of the version number changes. It also includes new features and / or support for newer iPad models or iOS / iPadOS versions, not just bug fixes. The next such major update will have the version number 4.0 and is expected in spring next year. Any minor updates with a version number 3.4.x will still be free.

Many other app developers did not provide any updates for their "old" apps, but instead a "new" app with a slightly different name, which you then had to buy again. But I did not want to do it that way either. I don't think that this is fair for customers that bought the app short before such a new version, and then may event don't get any free update at all. I want that all customers get free updates for the same amount of time.

Even Apple's "free" OS updates (iOS / iPadOS) are not free for life. You have to buy a new iPad every few years, if you want to enjoy the latest operating system version.

That's why I decided, that after 5 years you either have to do without further updates or pay again something for SongBook+ updates. Five years of free updates I find fair for me and also for the customers.

After 5 years, there are the following options:

  1. Become a sponsor of SongBook + before the next major update. You can choose between bronze, silver, and gold sponsorship. As a sponsor you are still eligible for updates and SongBook + will not be demoted to the demo version as long as you remain a sponsor. He does not matter if you're a bronze, silver or gold sponsor. The cheapest sponsor variant is available for 1 € per month or 12 € per year.
  2. Let the next big update install normally. SongBook + will be demoted to the demo version again. Since you probably have more than 15 songs in the SongBook +, a message will appear instead of the song list that there are too many songs for the demo version in the database. Then you can unlock the full version as new customers, either again for 5 more years for € 55, or with a monthly subscription for 1 € per month or with an annual subscription for 20 € per year.
    (Your data will be retained and will only be temporarily unavailable until the full version is unlocked.)
  3. Turn off automatic updates in the operating system and only manually install the latest minor bugfix updates with version numbers 3.4.x. So you can continue to use SongBook + on your current iPad for life without any additional costs. You can find out how it works here.

I hope you understand this decision.

Matthias Bauer,

Developer and owner of SongBook +