It should be possible to search, select and open a song using an external (Bluetooth-) Keyboard:

- Jump into the search text field (i.e. ENTER key)

- Select a song out of the list of currently displayed songs (i.e. Cursor up/down keys)

- Commit and open the selected song (i.e. ENTER key)

- The same also in the song preselection window to preselect the next song




This is already largely possible today, with one exception: You have to enter text or the song number in the search field until there is only one song left, then confirm with the ENTER key.

To get into the search field with the external keyboard, you have to turn on the "Use keyboard adapter" switch in the "Keyboard simulating foot pedal" settings and set the "Activate search field" action with the "Enter" key. So you can easily activate the search with the Enter key, then type in text or number and finally press Enter.