It is already known from other articles and manuals how to remote select a song from Korg Pa3X or select a song on Korg Pa3X from SongBook+.

But how can you start the song on the keyboard and in SongBook+ at the same time?

Here is a short description how the keyboard and SongBook+ must be configured in order to start the song on the keyboard and that also starts the song in SongBook+.

  1.  In Korg keyboard open "Global"-> "MIDI"-> tab "Setup Gen.Ctl" activate the option “Clock Send“.
  2. In SongBook open Settings -> "Foot pedal" -> "MIDI foot pedal" and activate "Use MIDI foot pedal".
  3. As Action for "MIDI start" select "Resume/Start"
  4. As Action for "MIDI stop" select "Stop"
  5. As Action for "MIDI continue" select "Resume/Start"