It is already known from other articles and manuals how to remote select a song from Korg Pa3X or select a song on Korg Pa3X from SongBook+.

But how can you start the song on the keyboard and in SongBook+ at the same time?

Here is a short description how the keyboard and SongBook+ must be configured in order to start the song on the keyboard and that also starts the song in SongBook+.

  1.  In Korg keyboard open "Global"-> "MIDI"-> tab "Setup Gen.Ctl" activate the option “Clock Send“.
  2. In SongBook open Settings -> "Foot pedal" -> "MIDI foot pedal" and activate "Use MIDI foot pedal".
  3. As Action for "MIDI start" select "Resume/Start"
  4. As Action for "MIDI stop" select "Stop"
  5. As Action for "MIDI continue" select "Resume/Start"
  6. In SongBook open Settings -> "MIDI"
  7. Switch off the two settings "Send MIDI Start" and "Send MIDI Stop"

Important information when replaying midi file on keyboard together with imported midi files lyrics on SongBook+:

The keyboard has a "QuickStart" feature for midi files, that skips the non-audio part at the begin of a midi file and immediateley starts with the first hearable music note. This causes that the music in the keyboard is always a bit ahead of the text in SongBook+.
One solution to solve this is to disable the QuickStart feature in the keyboard.

The other solution is to also move the starting point of the song in SongBook+. To do that, press the button "..." in toolbar when the song is open and then select "Move starting point". You can then manually move the starting point or press the helper button "Set starting point to first sound in Midi file (QuickStart)". (In the mean time there also exists a setting in SongBook+ to set the starting point automatically to that point during lyrics import from midi file. See section "Import lyrics and chords" in the settings.)

When SongBook+ is only used to display the imported lyrics while the keyboard is replaying the midi file, please disable the midi file player of SongBook+ in the settings of SongBook+ in section "Media player" with the switch "Playback of MIDI files (MIDI out) enabled" set to OFF.