Some users encounter a problem with the database migration after updating to version 3.4.0 or 3.4.1 of SongBook+.

Since there was a few new fields added to the database in release 3.4.0, the existing database files must be migrated to the new structure upon first start of the updated SongBook+. Unfortunately this migration doesn't work everywhere without problems.

It may during quiet long while only the start screen of SongBook+ is displayed and it may look like the app is frozen. In some cases the app even crashes during that database migration.

If you also have this problem and cannot start SongBook+, please send us your database files.

SongBook+ creates a backup copy of your original database files before the migration is started, in order to still have the original files in case if anything goes wrong.

If you have the following files in SongBook+, please send them to us:


We will then do this migration for you and send you the updated/repaired files back.

Since the files may be too big to send by email, you can use the website of to send the files to