1) Pair the pedal with your iPad. For specific instructions on this you can see CODA’s setup video.

2) Open "Settings" in SongBook+ (button with gear wheel)

3) Select "Foot pedal settings"

4) Select "Keyboard simulating foot pedal"

5) Switch "Use keyboard adapter" on

6) Select below which key should execute what action:

  • When pressing a foot pedal STOMP is sends different keys depending on the configured profile.

  • After following the steps 1) - 5) SongBook+ can display which keys STOMP is sending when you press a foot pedal.

  • To do that, press the center mode button to switch between STOMP’s 4 mode options. We recommend using mode 1. Next, press the arrow in the toolbar of the main list and select the option "Open MIDI / Bluetooth monitor". Then press the foot pedals and see which keys SongBook+ is receiving from STOMP. Use this keys to configure the desired actions in step 6).