"Keyboard simulating foot pedals" in combination with toolbar positioned on bottom of the screen unfortunately cause sometimes problems, e.g. that the toolbar doesn't disappear when the virtual keyboard already disappeared.

Since these problems cannot be resolved in all situations, SongBook+ does no longer officially support this combination since release 3.4.2.

But there is still a "back door" available to still allow this combination "at your own risk".

Open the settings of SongBook+, then select "Other". Then write the following text into the field "Beta test flags" the value: "FootPedAndLowTb". After doing that, you can again select the toolbar position "Bottom" in the toolbar settings, even if the toolbar simulating foot pedal is enabled.

An officially supported solution for foot pedal and bottom positioned toolbar are foot pedals that work as MIDI foot pedal in SongBook+.

Some of these pedals are:

- iRig BlueBoard (nicht iRig AirTurn)

- Positive Grid

The following pedals can be used for both (mode 7 = MIDI mode):

- AirTurn BT200 S-2/S-4/S-6

- AirTurn PED und PEDPro