The following problems was already reported/found with iPadOS 13 (iOS 13):

1) When using a "keyboard simulation foot pedal", the virtual keyboard doesn't appear


When you use a "keyboard simulating foot pedal", the operating system assumes that there is a real keyboard connected and therefore a virtual keyboard isn't needed and not displayed. SongBook+ then forces to display the keyboard anyway. This seems not to work always with iOS 13.


Most of these foot pedals allow to activate the virtual keyboard by pressing a button on the pedal itself, then it should work again:

  • iRigBlueturn: Press and hold the left pedal for 3 seconds
  • AirTurn PED oder PEDpro: There is key with keyboard symbol on the pedal
  • Other AirTurn pedals: Shortly press the power button
  • PageFlip pedals: Press the button of the current mode (next to the blinking LED)
  • Donner or Coda pedals: Press both pedals at once

If you want to close the virtual keyboard (e.g. to end searching), press the long gray button bar on top of the virtual keyboard (with arrow pointing down) and don't use the small close keyboard button in the virtual keyboard.

Update for the workaround (02.10.2019):

The workaround only works when SongBook doesn't try to force the virtual keyboard.

That is at the moment only possible with a hidden setting: in SongBook+ settings in section "Other", add into the field "Beta test flags" the following text: "DontForceKb".

The above mentioned long gray button bar will then no longer be displayed.

Current state of the problem:

I contacted the developer of the library used for keyboard simulating foot pedals to get a fixed version.

The problem is fixed with the update to release 3.4.5 of SongBook+.

2) When writing annotations, the keyboard changes to capital letters after 2 characters


Wenn writing annotations with the "T" annotation tool, the keyboard switches to capital letters after entering more than 2 characters.


- Press the shift button after each character to switch back to non-capital characters.

- Write the text in another app and den use copy/paste to copy the text into the annotation

- Use Siri to dictate the text (microphone button in virtual keyboard)

3) Some external audio devices cause stutter, crackle or scratch noise 


Some users report problems with external audio devices that cause stutter, crackle or scratch noise while replay of audio files.

Affected devices in user reports are the iConnectAUDIO4+ and the Traktor Mk2.


For the Traktor Mk2, the problem is solved when the feature of separated outputs of SongBook+ is used.

For the iConnectAUDIO4+, a long start delay of 2000ms helps.