If a message keeps popping up every few seconds that a device is connected, then disconnected, then reconnected, then the following usually helps:

On all iPads to be connected, press the "..." button in SongBook +, then "Special features" and finally "Reset short distance connection".

Resetting the short distance connection usually also helps if the sending of files to other SongBooks ("Share song" function) does not work.

A common cause of connection problems between SongBooks can be wireless interference of WiFi or Bluetooth connections with other wireless devices.

On stage these are often e.g. wireless microphones, bass funk or the like. Sometimes it also helps to switch on the wireless router only after these devices have been used, so that it can search for an interference-free channel.

You can find an interesting article from Apple on the subject of radio interference here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201542

The "short distance connection" between SongBooks uses, depending on the environment:

  • The WiFi network, if the iPads are connected to a shared WiFi network
  • If they are not connected in a common WiFi network:
    • A Bluetooth connection up to iOS 9.x.
    • From iOS 10, a spontaneously established WLAN between the devices. To establish a connection, however, they have to be nearby.

The "short distance connection" between iPads with older iOS (up to iOS 9.x) and newer iOS (from iOS 10) therefore only works in the shared WiFi network!

The "short-distance connection" is generally more stable in the shared WiFi network than without it. It is therefore advisable to have your own WiFi router on stage.

The WiFi router does not need to be connected to the Internet, it just needs to be able to connect the devices to one another. A WiFi router that supports both the older WiFi standard in the 2.4 GHz band and the newer standard in the 5 GHz band is recommended. (There are fewer external sources of interference in the 5 GHz band, but the range is smaller.)

It is also important that it can search for a free channel when it is switched on and not stay on a fixed channel.

There are also WiFi routers that are specially designed for stage use, e.g. from "Nowsonic".

If you have a common WiFi router on stage, the devices can also be connected via "Wireless MIDI" as an alternative to the "short-distance connection". According to customer feedback, this is the most reliable type of connection, especially when the number of SongBooks increases. You can read more about it here: https://baumsoftware.freshdesk.com/en/support/solutions/articles/17000011215-how-to-connect-mutltiple-ipads-using-wireless-midi

Another way to connect the devices via Bluetooth is "Bluetooth LE MIDI". All devices except one can offer a connection at "..." -> "Bluetooth LE MIDI" -> "Bluetooth LE MIDI Server", and the last device can then connect to "..." -> " Connect Bluetooth LE MIDI "->" Bluetooth LE MIDI Client "to all.

Supplement concerning iOS 14:

In order for the short distance connection to work, SongBook + must be allowed to access the local network since iOS 14. For Bluetooth LE MIDI you have to allow it to use Bluetooth.

When SongBook + tries this for the first time, the operating system asks you whether you agree with it. If you answer "no", the connection does not work.

The answer is saved in the settings of the iPad / iPhone per app. So there in the settings for SongBook + you can check this authorization and also grant it later.