Unfortunately, the feature to enforce the virtual keyboard for "keyboard simulating foot pedals" causes on some iOS versions, that the context menus to edit annotations sometimes don't appear as expected.

If you tap a few times on the annotation, the menu sometimes still appears.

But when you disable the feature to enforce the virtual keyboard, the context menus of the annotations again work as expected.

For most of the foot pedals on market, the feature to enforce the virtual keyboard is not really needed. You may also press some key on the foot pedal itself to request the virtual keyboard:

  • iRigBlueturn: Press and hold the left pedal for 3 seconds
  • AirTurn PED oder PEDpro: There is a key with keyboard symbol on the pedal
  • Other AirTurn pedals: Shortly press the power button
  • PageFlip pedals: Press the button of the current mode (next to the blinking LED)
  • Donner or Coda pedals: Press both pedals at once

You only have to do this once, as long as you never use the small button on the lower left corner of the keyboard to close the keyboard, but use the gray bar with down arrow on top of the keyboard. If you only close the virtual keyboard with that long button bar, it will appear again next time when you set the cursor into a text field and need it.

(After disconnecting and reconnecting the foot pedal or after restarting the iPad, the virtual keyboard will again not appear the first time and you will have to request it again once directly on the pedal.)