With the update to SongBook+ 4.0, SongBook+ becomes a test version again, if you bought the app more than 5 years ago unless you already became a sponsor in the meantime.

Here you can read why this is the case: https://baumsoftware.freshdesk.com/en/support/solutions/articles/17000095143-why-are-updates-to-songboook-no-longer-free-after-5-years-

Your data is not lost but only not displayed!

The deadline is a purchase made before February 28, 2015, when SongBook + was still version 2.1.4 or older.

Anyone who has bought SongBook + before this deadline and has already purchased a "sponsoring" subscription before the update will still keep the full version with the update. Otherwise, the update will downgrade the app to a trial version and you can activate it again with an in-app purchase or with a subscription.

SongBook+ displayed a warning half a year before (after any small update) with the following text:


A new update of SongBook + was recently installed (version x.x.x) and you have already purchased the full version of SongBook+ on ... (or earlier).

That's 5 years ago!  /  That was more than 5 years ago!

The license for the full version will expire after 5 years, at the time of installation of the next major update (if not just the last digit of the version number changes).

Then you can get a monthly or annually renewed full version subscription or unlock the full version for another 5 years.

If you want to use the full version of SongBook+ which you already have, without having to pay again for a new version, please deactivate the automatic app updates in the settings of the device and do not install any further updates from SongBook+.

(If you already are a sponsor or become a sponsor before that major update, you can still install the updates.)

Bug in release 4.0.0 (fixed with update 4.0.1):

Unfortunately in version 4.0.0 there was a problem:

  • Despite the sponsorship subscription, the message appears, that the full version has expired and must be purchased again.
  • Without a sponsorship subscription, you can do the in-app purchase to unlock it again, but afterwards it still shows that the full version has expired.

The problem has already been fixed and another update 4.0.1 

If unlocking of the full version still not works:

If you already updated to release 4.0.1 or later and unlocking of the full version still not works despite of an active Sponsoring subscription or despite of buying a renewed license after update to 4.0.x, please try the following:

  1. Backup your SongBook+ data (all files, not just the 4 database files) as described in the current User Manual starting on page 50: http://www.baum-software.ch/downloads/SongBookManuals/UserManual-SongBook_4_0_rev2_EN.pdf
  2. Delete SongBook+ from the iPad.
  3. Install SongBook+ again from AppStore (with the Apple-ID you used for Sponsoring subscription or buying the renewed license)
  4. Restore the previously backed up date as described in User Manual on page 54.

Some customers used another Apple-ID long time ago when they initially purchased SongBook+, than later for the Sponsoring subscription or for buying a renewed license after update. At least in that case, the steps above solve the problem.

If reinstalling the app doesn't help in your case, please contact SongBook+ support.