SongBook+ 3.2.1 is available now!

SongBook+ 3.2.1 is available now!

Changes in this release:

- Yamaha Genos link without polling all seconds (for Genos with firmware version 1.2 and later)

- Switch registration bank with registration number in Yamaha Genos is faster

- Midifile player improved

- Possibility to undo an import of ChordPro file (restore original file)

- Loop points can now be activated/deactivated with foot pedal, gestures or action buttons

- Limit for amount of learned midi messages can be changed (ask support)

- MIDI output of midi file player can be set a specific output (ask support)

- More assignable keys in keyboard simulating foot pedal (for keypad or AirTurn stomp 6)

- Bugfix: Print list with emoji-type characters doesn’t work

- Bugfix: Clear document cache when night mode activated or deactivated

- Bugfix: Keep metronome running while page turn recording

- Bugfix: Changing color of chord annotation destroys action button annotations in same song

- Bugfix: Filtering MIDI-IN doesn't work

- Bugfix: Page range not updated when document filename changed

- Bugfix: Annotations added on wrong (possibly invisible) page when lyric has a page range set

- Bugfix: All documents file list is not alphabetically sorted

- Bugfix: {...} tags in ChordPro files cause empty lines

- Bugfix: Crash on import of ChordPro file containing invalid ]-signs

- Bugfix: First loop jump is too early if audio start delay is set

- Bugfix: Loop jumps to position 00:00.00 are not possible

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