SongBook+ 3.4.5 is available now!

SongBook+ 3.4.5 (small update) with some bugfixes is available now! The most important change is the solution for problems with "keyboard simulating foot pedals" on iPads with iOS 13.

Changes in this release:

- Bug (iOS 13): Problems with virtual keyboard when "keyboard simulating foot pedal" is used

- Bug: "Share song" didn't transfer all 5 audio files (open in..., send per mail, import from .sbk)

- Bug: Problem in loops with audio files after pause/resume

- New: New setting "Force virtual keyboard" for "keyboard simulating foot pedal" (replaces beta-flag "DontForceKb")

- New: iOS 9 devices use again the older audio player for better stability (no equalizer on iOS 9)

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