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Yamaha Clavinova cvp 709

Is anyone using a Clavinova and songbook with any degree of success. I’d love to get mine working in a way I understand so can continually add songs to my songbook. Thank Jaime

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         The Yamaha Clavinova  CVP 809 has a "Playlist" of some 2400 plus songs which automatically links 4 accompaniment settings to the song selected. Also for other songs not on the Playlist, accompaniments can be  selected by the player based on a genre (say Latin) and style (Bossa Nova)  chosen from the Clavinova which also has 4 programmed accompaniments.

        How can the songs entered into the App be linked to the Clavinova Midi so that each song when called up is automatically set up with its appropriate accompaniments  - as a one touch setting. Is Songbook Plus capable of this?    I believe it is based on the following.

       Please see youtube Paul Carmen (in the UK) demonstrating use of Song Book Plus actuating/selecting up to 4 accompaniment (background) settings on the Yamaha Clavinova CVP 809 digital Piano. or

        After sheet music (or Lead Sheets) are transferred to the Song Book, how does the App get programmed to communicate the background settings to the CVP 809?
Paul shows the demo with a "KeySound" (Store Name) Bonus Pack which he produced exclusively for their customers in the UK. The Bonus Pack has 300 songs.  I communicated with him but was unable to learn how it was done. I would like to link my accompaniments to my individual library of songs. How is it done?

            I corresponded with Yamaha Technicians and they referred me to Song Book Plus. Can you help me?
                             Thanks, Mike Flannery 239 898 6774 Estero, Florida


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