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Lyric display from external MIDI?

Because of other functions and ergonomics, I still want to play my SMF's using my arranger's internal sequencer. But I would like an app that displays the lyrics from the transmitted MIDI file on an iPad or Android tablet.

I know SongBook+ will display lyrics if it plays the file, but can it also display the lyrics if it receives the file in realtime over USB MIDI?

If not, can anyone suggest an app that CAN do this? Lyrics Viewer by Roland has been discontinued...

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Hi Diki,

Lyrics are contained as meta events in the midi files, and meta events are never transmitted in real time over a midi connection.
The device or app that wants display midi lyrics needs to have access to the midi file.

You can use SongBook+ to only display the midi lyrics without replaying the midi file. SongBook+ only needs the midi file to import the lyrics from that file. It then creates a PDF file from the lyrics in midi file and no longer needs the midi file later to display the imported lyrics. You can disable the midi file player of SongBook+ and only display the lyrics (and the red point for current position).
‚ÄčIf your arranges's internal sequencer can send a MIDI-Start to SongBook+ or can be started with a MIDI-Start received from SongBook+, the start of lyrics on SongBook+ and the midi file in arranges sequencer can be synchronized.

Best regards,
Matthias Bauer, Developer of SongBook+
BauM-Software (SongBook+)

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