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Alternative for iTunes planned?

With Apple’s announcement to discontinue iTunes: Will there be an alternative method coming soon to upload the PDFs?

Hello Thomas Fleiner

There is already an alternative for iTunes in SongBook+ available: Temporary share the folder of SongBook+ in Wi-Fi network and connect to it with your computer as a network drive. (See chapter "Share SongBook folder via Wi-Fi" in user manual of SongBook+, on page 29.)

On a Mac, the official replacement will be the Finder on macOS. And on Windows, iTunes will probably still be continued for a while.

​Best regards,
Matthias Bauer, Developer of SongBook+


I have had trouble using the SongBook alternative for using iTunes for simple file movement between my Laptop and iPAD.  I found free iFUN software on iTunes very useful. You simply connect via the standard Apple charging / lightning cable bring up iFUN on the laptop and choose SongBook+ and choose the create sandbox option.  All the Songbook files appear and you can freely copy them to and from the iPAD SongBook+ path.  

@Don Hubbard:

Thank you for the tipp. I assume the full name of this iTunes alternative is iFunBox? (

Hallo ich verwende statt Itunes die App iMazing

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