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Using Songbook+ MIDI out to control DMX lighting

I need to be able to get MIDI commands out and onto my Art-Net DMX lighting network.  I see hardware for getting the MIDI out the lightning connector via a Camera interface but that only gets me to a MIDI signal output. I have not figured out how to get that to my Art-Net / DMX adapater which is where all my DMX signals converge to control my lighting. 

The problem is sometimes I need the SongBook+ song to control the lighting and sometimes I use another iPAD with special lighting Scenes via software like Vibrio and that sends its MIDI to an Art-Net adapter via WiFi.  Unfortunately I don't see anyway to direct MIDI to WiFi via the SongBook+ SW.

Given my limited knowledge of MIDI, DMX lighting and SongBook+ it is entirely possible I've completely missed an obvious & hopefully simple way to achieve the above.

Thanks in advance if you care to assist.

Don "TheDecadesOfAustin"

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Hi Don

SongBook+ can send out configurable MIDI commands when you open or start a song or with buttons placed into the song sheet.

But my knowledge on how to control DMX lightning via MIDI commands is also very limited.
Maybe you can take a look on the iPad App "Luminair 3" --> I know that is is possible to remote control this app via MIDI from SongBook+ (e.g. remote select a predefined lightning scene). Luminair can control DMX lights and is also compatible with Art-Net.

Best regards,

Matthias, Developer of SongBook+

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