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Midi program ?

Hello,  I just found this program, but wondering what programs are support to play midi files on the ipad pro itself.  there was a mention of Bismark in the pdf file, but are there other programs that work as well?

Also  does it support the PSR 975?    reading the PDF  in 1 line it says that it does, but then in the next line it said , that it's not supported.

  Thank you

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Hi Perry,
There are also other programs that work well to generate the sound from Songbook's midi file player. They should have a "Virtual MIDI" feature to run in background and execute incoming MIDI data. I don't have a list of apps, but another popular app is "Roland SOUND Canvas". And external hardware like a keyboard can also be used to generate the sound.
If you don't like the default sounds that come with the Bismark app, this app also allows you to replace the internal sounds with 3rd party "sound fonts" from other manufacturers.

Here is a manual on how to connect SongBook+ with the PSR-S975:
SongBook+ can remote select registrations in the PSR-S975 or with small MIDI files it is possible to remote open songs in SongBook+ from keyboard (in the same was as with Tyros models). And off course, the PSR-S975 can also be used as sound generator for the midi file player of SongBook+.

Matthias Bauer,
BauM-Software Support Team (SongBook+)

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