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Freezing in no data folder mode!

Hi Matthias,

I would like to inform you that since SongBook+ V3.0 I use only the data folder mode because in normal mode the app freezes!!! The same happens in all 3 iPads I own (iPad Air, iPad Pro 12.9’’ 1st Gen and iPad Pro 12.9’’ 2nd Gen!).

In new beta 4.0 the problem with freezing is still there and still use the data folder mode. But in beta 4.0 there is also no link address in WiFi mode!

Hi Dimitris.

Can you tell me more, how you can reproduce freezing the app?

Regards, Matthias

Hi Matthias, It is very easy to reproduce. My database freezes the app. Do you want to send you the program files or all the database? Regards, Dimitris Kakavoulis

Yes, please send me your data to reproduce it and a short description how to reproduce it.

You may use to transmit files up to 20 GB for free and send it to

Regards, Matthias

Hi Matthias, Any news since I sent you my database?? Regards, Dimitris Kakavoulis

Hi Dimitris

Sorry for the late response. It is a busy time at the moment.

I downloaded the files and my Mac created very strange file names from the greek letters while unzip. But today i could unzip the files successfully on a Windows computer.

Now I'm ready to reproduce your issue.

But I have an additional question: How did you copy the files into SongBook? iTunes? WiFi-Sharing? With a Windows Computer or Mac? (I know iTunes on Windows Computer may cause some problems with special characters like your greek filenames.)

Regards, Matthias

Hi Matthias, I am happy you are OK! Unfortunately, only WiFi sharing process do the work for me but needs more more time! After you check with data folder mode please check via iTunes in normal way. I use PC laptop with Windows 10. I am waiting for your reply! Regards, Dimitrios Kakavoulis

Hi Dimitris

I could now reproduce the issue.

The main reason is not the folder mode or normal mode. The reason is how iTunes on Windows computers encodes special characters like german umlauts or greek letters.

if you copy thee files in normal mode also with WiFi instead of iTunes to SongBook+, it works.

SongBook+ try's to rename the files to the "normal" encoding, but somehow cannot do that with the your files with greek letters. In your case you have more than 1000 of these files, and SongBook+ is trying to rename them over and over again and that freezes the app.

I didn't yet find a solution to fix that iTunes Windows problem.

But I also found another issue when you go back from folder mode to normal mode, that the app even doesn't start and immediately terminates. That could be fixed. So please wait for the next beta update before trying it again wit WiFi sharing instead of iTunes.

Regards, Matthias

Hi Matthias, I am glad you found the main problem! Unfortunately, even I own 3 iPads I’ve got no Mac in order to try iTunes there! But, now it’s a challenge for you to find a solution. Maybe it would be a good idea to send a message to apple! Regards, Dimitris Kakavoulis

Hi Dimitris

I could fix that problem in the mean time.

This Problem with special characters for files added with iTunes on Windows was a problem with iOS 10.3, when Apple changed the file system in iOS. I implemented then a workaround for this, that is renaming the files. In the mean time I learned, that Apple fixed that problem and I can remove that workaround. In newer iOS versions it is no longer needed to rename these files, but the workaround over and over renames them again. That causes a performance problem when there are many of these files.

With the next beta update that problem should be fixed.

Regards, Matthias

That’s good news!!! Maybe it would be a good fix in 3.x version, also! Check also the old problem with wrong zoom saving when the toolbar disappears! Regards, Dimitris
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