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Random Song Selection in Playlist

I have been using Songbook+ for quite some time but as a novice user (and musician) have only possibly scratched the surface of what Songbook+ is capable of.

That said, I have 100''s of scores now stored in Songbook+ and 100's of these now have registration links in my Yamaha Genos. So, if I select a registration, Songbook+ opens up the score or if I select a score in Songbook+ the corresponding registration is opened on the Genos. This is a brilliant feature and one I use extensively.

I have now however started to use Playlists - yes I have a selection of scores that I really like to play (and for novice, play OK) and I have created 3 or 4 playlists now.  The trouble is, each time I use a playlist it selects the scores in the order they are in the list, top to bottom, so unless I start on a score later in the list I never get to play scores listed later, yet I know you can sort the this. 

What I think would be a great feature is if there was a Random option in the Playlist so when I start to play a piece of music and then move to the next piece it is Random selection from the list and not the next score analogically. This would certainly mean that each time I sit and play from a Playlist I am not repeating the same scores time after time (my wife is getting fed up of hearing Children - (Robert Miles not our grandkids !!)

Just a thought for future development.

Cheers David 

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